Thursday, January 5, 2012

Imagination is Not Dead!!!!

This is just another of the reason's why I love my daycare kids.  Their imagination.

Winter school holidays tend to drag on and on.  Especially when activities can get boring.  Not so with my dc kids.

It is one of the perks of having some older kids in my care...they have their times of wanting to be the leader.  Not in a bossy way, but in a "don't worry Viv, I've got it covered for the next little bit" type of way.  So I sit on the sideline, usually as either a referee, or as part of the game, and get entertained.

I have an exercise bike in my living room that has been miraculously turned into the drivers seat of a bus.  Put 4 to 5 of my dining room chairs in a line behind it, and viola, you have a bus.  Along the way, they make stops in the living room, kitchen or my boys bedrooms while they shop, go to work, or go home depending on the time of day in their game of pretend. 

After the bus game is over, the chairs are moved into a front and back seat of a van while everyone drives home.  That is my living room which has been taken over by a cot, a kids size fold out mattress, my couch and love seat.  The older girls are the mom's, my 2 boys and niece (who had come for a visit simply because the girls would be here and she loves to spend time with them) were the kids.  Or the pets, depending on their mood. 

I wish I could record the conversations they have, to remember them in years to come.  I am just glad they all get along so well, and find ways to have fun together.

Today, imagination won the day again.  We brought out boxes of my craft supplies, and they just went to town at the table.  A wide spectrum of idea's from 4 years to 10 years old.  And to my delight they actually worked together without a fight to clean up. 

Tonight, I sit down with a friend and plan for the next days I have them here, or for the summer.  But I have no doubt, they will throw in their own creative idea's, and my plans may just have to wait.  I'm ok with that.

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