Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kids Will Make Liars out of You!

This past weekend I went away to my niece and her husbands house. 

It was a test really for my sons to see get familiar with it so that they would stay there one weekend for me to have a day off.  Yes, even mothers are entitled to a day off.  It doesn't mean we always get them mind you, but it shouldn't deter from the fact that we do in fact deserve them.

My oldest I am not the least bit worried about in staying over night somewhere.  He is well conditioned in this area and quite enjoys himself almost anywhere.  I think it's the vivid imagination he has that makes it possible to have fun in almost any setting.

My youngest however, not so much.  As hard as I try he is still very much a mommy's boy.  So this exercise was to let him know that it was okay to stay there without me the next time.

Me, thinking I know my sons very well proceeded to answer my nieces questions about meals, drinks, snacks, things they like to do, etc.  Wouldn't you know that in almost every situation one, if not both of them made a liar out of me? 

Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose especially when it happens a few times in a row.  But then I ask myself do they really understand or comprehend what it is to do that?

So, my youngest who told me at the beginning of our little adventure that he didn't even want to go had an all out fit when it was time to leave.  Deep, gut wrenching sobs of how he wanted to stay. 

Again, me thinking I know how he would react asked him, "Ok then, you can stay here while your brother and mommy goes home.  Do you want to stay and live here instead of with me?" You know what I thought he was going to say right?  "No mommy, I want to go home with you."  Yes, because that is what he would normally say.  But oh no, not this weekend.  He nodded his head and told me he didn't want to live with me anymore.
If it hadn't been so comical I may have cried.

Of course, once we got home and he saw daddy the sobs and anguish of an hour ago were quickly forgotten. 

Kids!!! They do keep life interesting.

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  1. Ah ya, Kids certainly do keep life interesting. And, funny enough, even when they get older and no longer spend ANY weekends with you. :)