Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pillow Smashing and Other Such Games

It has been a phenomenon since who knows when: children will always play with the boxes or packaging of the toys they get rather than the toys themselves.  We spend all this money on interactive, learning, or interest of the moment toys only to turn around and see them sitting in the box like it's a car or train. 

Just as interesting are the home made games that we play as oppose to spending money at a kids play place.  We have such games, and my kids (my own and daycare kids alike) LOVE these games and ask for them almost more than anything else.

One of their very favorites is what we call Pillow Smashing.  Sounds brutal doesn't it?  Well, I assure you it's not.  Our kids climb up on our king size bed and mommy and daddy stand on either side of the bed, a pillow in each hand.  One of the boys run at us and we "smash" the pillow on either side of them, then knock them over onto the bed.  Of course we are not rough when we do this and make sure they fall onto another pile of pillows so they won't get hurt.

Second on their favorite list is "Monster Chase".  It amazes me that the simplicity of it makes them smile so much.  Simply, I chase them around the house growling like a monster.  When they are not looking I hide somewhere until one of them is brave enough to venture out to find me.  Then I jump out from my hiding spot, loud like a monster and they all scream, laugh and run away. 

My daycare kids love these games too.  For the "Pillow Smashing" game we've had to adapt it for the living room.  We take all of the stuffed animals and pillows we can find and lay them all over the floor.  Then they run at me and, well, it's pretty much the same from this point on.

And to this day, Hide and Seek, Tag and Red Rover are still all favorites. 

With a little imagination, almost anything can be turned into a game.  I'd love to hear from you what sort of home made fun you and your kids do.  Or even if it was things you played when you were a kids.  Share the fun.  I'll report back after I try it with my kids.

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