Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day Jitters - for Mommy!!!

I sat with my youngest son in his JK class yesterday for his initial visit with his teacher and other classmates.  Another one of those bittersweet moments as I watched him sit attentively listening to his new teacher read them a story. 

As he moved from one centre to another, I sat with the other mothers (and 1 father), all of us not talking to each other but instead watching our little ones explore.  And I thought to myself, if all of the thoughts and questions in this room were inferred lights, not even the most talented of gymnasts could maneuver their way between those lights.  At least not if any of them were thinking what I was thinking. 

A necessary step in the progress of his life, but a saddening one for this mommy.  To me he is still such a baby and I have already shed some tears over it. 
I wondered how easily he would adjust.  Did I do my part well enough to prepare him for this?  Will he fuss and cry the first time I leave him there by himself?  Will his attention be focused enough to learn?  How often will he leave having to go to the bathroom until the last minute resulting in his spare clothes needing to be used?  

Just too many thoughts in the matter of seconds to write down.

Once again, it seems more like a moment of growth for the mother unit as oppose to the child.  Seems we learn more having children then when we were kids.  At least that's how it feels.

So, today I start a new chapter in my children at home with me during the day.  The up side?? Getting things done that have needed attention for awhile.   I will stop whinning

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