Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Minute Valentine Creativeness

I hate to admit that sometimes I am a bit of a procrastinator. Not always, but when I have a lot on the go something usually ends up getting pushed to the back of my mind until it's nearly forgotten.

Such is the case with Valentines needed for my son's class party. The teacher likes to have them early so as to make distribution easier on the day of the party. That meant they were to be in today!!!

I did think of it 4 days ago.

My mistake?
Not writing it down.

When did I think of it?
Last night at about 9:00.

So, you can guess I went into hyper speed trying to think of something. I remembered that just after Valentine's last year a friend had bought him a book of Valentine cards. I was saved...or so I thought. Turns out they were much more complicated than useful for a class of JK students.

Back to the drawing board!


Off I went in search of my craft supplies. Which I was sad to find out were somewhat depleted. That's ok, I thought, I'm a creative person.

Candies! Yes, candies, I must have something that would work to make a sort of candy gram Valentine. I found suckers, this was my lucky night...again, so I thought. Not nut free!!!! ARG!

Fruit snacks that I had just gotten a big bag of. Welches. They had to be ok to use.

I had the treat, now to find a way to decorate them.

I found a heart cut out, pink computer paper, white computer paper and red felt. Ok, we could work with this.
What came out of this was a pink heart shaped (no kidding right?) holder, decorated with a white heart (with a catchy little phrase "For You A Treat, Because You're Sweet") , and a tiny red felt heart in the middle. A whole punch through the heart holders and the fruit snack bag, a red ribbon and viola, a last minute masterpiece. Ok, maybe masterpiece is too strong a word, but you get the idea.

With the help of my daycare kids, it got done, just in time.
Next time I hope to remember sooner so I can actually get my son to help out. I'm not one to do things for him, but this time it couldn't be helped.

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